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How to repair damaged hair

Over time, hair gets damaged from a variety of factors such as the use of heat tools for styling, environmental changes in temperature and humidity, or chemical damage if you undergo a color treatment. Outside of these, your hair also faces natural wear and tear that can make it dry and brittle which is why it’s important to utilize nourishing products to keep strands hydrated healthy. If you want to repair or restore damaged hair, this collection is full of great products to help!

Our damaged hair collection is perfect for you if:

  • You need to restore moisture to brittle, over-styled strands
  • You need to clarify the scalp of product build-up
  • You want to nourish chemically damaged hair following a color treatment
  • You want to repair damage from heat tools, environmental factors, or natural wear and tear

Nourishing ingredients in our products for damaged hair

Damaged hair is especially fragile, so you want to make sure the products you use contain healthy, nourishing ingredients. The products in our damaged hair collection are packed with great ingredients you’re sure to recognize, like babassu oil to moisturize strands and honey to strengthen follicles. We also avoid the use of harmful parabens and sulfates, so you know every Verb product is made with only good stuff.

Damaged hair products routine

What type of hair damage are you trying to repair?

If your strands are dry and brittle, replenish moisture with our Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner. For an extra boost of hydration, consider using our Hydrating Mask once a week or spritz our Leave-In Mist on damp hair for a boost of shine and enhanced elasticity.

If you want to remove product build-up, start with our Reset Clarifying Shampoo to gently cleanses the scalp, then follow up with the Reset Repairing Mask and Reset Sealing Mist to nourish, hydrate and reset your hair to its natural state.

Some people with damaged hair may be shampooing too much, which can actually make things worse because the suds and hot water can strip away healthy oils from strands causing them to dry out. To extend the time between washes, refresh your hair with Dry Shampoo Light (for blondies) or Dry Shampoo Dark (for brunettes).

There are lots of other damaged hair products in this collection you can learn more about, or check out our best sellers to see our fan-favorite Verb products.