glitter comb

Detangle + Smooth
This glittery comb detangles wet or dry hair, leaving locks smooth, healthy and ready for styling. It's also super cute, so that's nice.


Verb Benefit - vegan Verb Benefit - detangle Verb Benefit - gentle Verb Benefit - smooth

How to Use

Start combing at the ends of your hair and work your way up towards the crown.

type CurlyCurly

type FineFine

type KinkyKinky

type StraightStraight

type ThickThick

type WavyWavy

Best used in the shower to distribute Hydrating Mask, Ghost Maskâ„¢, Reset Repairing Mask or Purple Mask through hair.

Paraben Free

Gluten Free

No Harmful Sulfates


Not Tested On Animals

Polystyrene (PS)

It's important to know that sometimes our ingredient lists may change or vary, but they'll always be free of parabens, gluten and harmful sulfates. Please refer to the ingredient list on your product packaging as the most up to date list.

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