turn up the volume

Get to know our two newest stylers
designed to add root-lifting volume
and texture to fine, thin and flat hair.

Get to know our two
newest stylers designed
to add root-lifting
volume and texture to
fine, thin and flat hair.


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How to add volume to hair

Our Volume Collection provides weightless lift so your hair can enjoy body-boosting benefits without feeling heavy throughout the day. Formulated with antioxidant-rich ingredients such as green tea extract, Volume products are designed to hydrate the scalp while adding thickness so hair is voluminous and strong. Learn about our Volume hair care products and see how they can help you add lift, texture and hold that lasts throughout the day.

The Volume Collection is perfect for you if:

  • You have fine hair and want to increase thickness
  • You want to lift hair without adding weight
  • You want soft, touchable hold that lasts throughout the day
  • You want to add texture and create separation
  • You want hair that’s voluminous, smooth and tangle-free

Only good, quality ingredients that thicken hair while adding protection

All of our Volume Collection products are formulated from high-quality ingredients such as pro-vitamin B5 and green tea extract which naturally thickens hair and helps protect the scalp from environmental stress. Products like our Volume Shampoo use hydrolyzed soy protein to lock in moisture, while our Volume Conditioner utilizes the natural benefits of sunflower seed extract to deeply nourish and protect hair. Our Volume Collection also uses patented copolymers that increase the diameter of each hair strand to build volume and provide natural hold.

Incorporate the Volume Collection into your hair care routine

Achieve voluminous hair by making the Volume Collection a part of your hair care ritual. Start by gently cleansing hair with our Volume Shampoo, then use the Volume Conditioner to moisturize, thicken and detangle. Finish your routine by using our Volume Spray to amplify hair for a full-bodied, pliable finish with touchable hold. If you prefer a lighter hold with more texture, try our Volume Dry Texture Spray. For those who prefer a powder instead of spray, our Volume Texture Powder delivers instant, root-boosting volume to add lift, texture and buildable hold.

Browse the full Volume Collection, and check out other Verb products designed to lift and add volume so you can lift your look!